If someone desires to convert his car to LPG, the first thing he should know is that after the conversion, the vehicle will be able to use both the tank of petrol and that of LPG. The autonomy of the vehicle, ie, will be doubled and he will have the option to choose the fuel during the motion of the vehicle.

The conversion is simple, it lasts between 8-12 hours and the cost varies depending on the type of vehicle. The work is performed by an engineer who should be licensed to practice this job, with specialty as a technician in gas systems.

In place of the spare tank fuel of the car is placed the gas tank. In the engine area are placed jets of gas with lung or pressure regulator and the relevant safety valves and gas stop. Finally, the installation is controlled by an electronic brain.

The LPG gas benefits are plentiful. LPG is a fuel of high standards, safe, ecological, and most all, far more cheap than gasoline.

The benefits are:
• The price of LPG is almost half the price of unleaded petrol.
• The engine has less wear due to the cleaner burning of LPG, which leaves no residue, thus prolonging life.
• The same applies for the catalyst of the vehicle.

The engine that works with LPG needs less service because:
• no deposits of carbon particles are formed in the cylinder wall
• The spark plugs are much cleaner
• the filters and oil changes are less often
• The engine oil does not weaken
• the life of the engine with the correct compression is greater.